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What is Daily Trading call?

Trading in forex or foreign exchange refers to buying and selling of currencies with the objective of making profits from the fluctuations in exchange rates. Forex market is the largest and the most liquid financial market in the world as daily global trading surpasses $6.6 trillion in value. The principle of forex trading is the same as for any other asset – buy low and sell high. Based on exchange rate movements, we set up trading calls for clients so that they can take advantage of these fluctuations and benefit out of it. Every day our experienced researchers publish the trading tips by estimating the expected currency movements of different currency pairs.

Understanding the basics of Daily trading call in the stock market investing.

MYFOREXEYE publishes daily trading call (intraday or/and positional calls) of different currency pairs on the basis of fundamental and technical analysis These research and analysis are done by a team of qualified and seasoned professionals in the dealing room, with more than 55 years of cumulative experience in bank treasuries, forex consulting companies as well as a large corporate treasury. Our daily forex calls are not for every individual but for investors that are less risk averse and want to take advantage of currency fluctuations by bearing some risk.

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