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How to transfer money internationally?

There are a number of ways to transfer money internationally, but to find the best way, it’s important to understand the fees, exchange rates and speed of different transfer options. The gap usually lies during the conversion and time taken to transfer the funds. The safety and timely delivery of funds has taken centre stage as the technology is reinvented and assurance is met with.

Here is the list of factors to keep in mind while transferring money internationally: The real-time current exchange rate between the currencies, how much to send and how quickly, where your funds originate from, cost, and safety.

Ways to transfer money abroad are as follows;

  • Online transfer services
  • Money transfer operators
  • Wire Transfers
  • Money orders
  • Foreign exchange broker
  • International bank to bank transfers
  • Peer to peer currency exchange markets
  • Specialist credit or debit cards
  • Travel checks

Each of the methods of transfer has its pros and cons, the trick here is to balance out and find the best-suited option for your requirement. The traditional ways of transferring money abroad via banks, wire transfer and money operators are today being challenged by specialized foreign exchange companies that offer instant online international money transfers.

Myforexeye holds the upper hand in this category. It is a one-stop shop for all Foreign exchange products. It is a full-fledged money changer licensed by RBI. At Myforexeye, we firmly believe in transparency. Our motto is to give you real-time forex rates in a most convenient and secure manner. Myforexeye gets you access to better exchange rates, more flexible features, higher transfer limits, easy access, and secure transfers.

International Money Transfer

Foreign exchange market is a market in which currencies of different countries are bought and sold by individuals, firms, banks, and brokers. Money transfer refers to the mechanism of proceeding a certain amount of money from one party to another through the financial system. An international money transfer is a process of sending money abroad.

International money transfers arise on the account of education, medical treatment, maintenance of family member, shopping, gifts, donations, remittance, salary transfer etc. Whatever the reason to transfer may be, the decision of which method to use to transfer money internationally consists of risk and cost. The risk assumed by the parties and the cost of the transaction.

With globalization in hand with technology, international money transfers have become hassle-free, quick and secure. The online option of international money transfer is much faster than before. The convenience and safety of the transaction make the online transfer most preferred option among the other methods.

The Myforexeye application allows users to transfer money internationally online. With the world becoming borderless virtually, foreign exchange has become persistent. At Myforexeye, we firmly believe in transparency. Our motto is to give you real-time rates in a most convenient and secure manner. This allows you to carry out online international money transfer from the comfort of your home. That’s not all. We are the most secure way of sending money abroad. Since we understand the value of your time and money, we ensure your money reaches the right hands.

All you are required to do to transfer money internationally now is to download Myforexeye application or log onto Myforexeye website, follow the simple procedure and your money will be transferred instantly. So for any international money transfer Myforexeye is the most reliable means to transfer money to your destination.

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