At Myforexeye, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is at the heart of our success and we have always believed that good values and good business go hand in hand. CSR is about growing our business responsibly.

We believe, India can change the life of its citizens by ensuring proper education to all. The promoters of Myforexeye have been involved with few schools in Uttarakhand where the children at remotes village are provided books, warm uniforms and admissions to adopted schools. Going forward, Myforexeye will allocate Rs.1000 per client per annum to these institutions to ensure these children get the best available education.

Vision & Mission



Being a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be


Bring to the world a gamut of services in global markets in partnership with our esteemed clients


Nurturing a winning network of partners and building mutual loyalty


Being a responsible global citizen that makes a difference


Maximizing return to stakeholders while being mindful of our overall responsibilities


Mission Statement

Myforexeye was founded with the mission to bring transparency and reduce costs while transacting in foreign exchange markets. Maintaining our dedication to Foreign Exchange market, we will continue to innovate, refine our quality, expand capabilities, increase efficiency, and elevate the superior level of customer service we now provide to heighten the standard of excellence we have set in the industry.

Myforexeye aspires to be the one-stop shop foreign exchange solution provider in India. We do this by operating with the highest ethical standards and delivering expertise in Foreign Exchange Markets.

Corporate Values

Respect – We listen and communicate directly and openly. We value diversity among people, ideas and points of view. We are natural partners with our clients, colleagues, and our community, and we are at our best when working as a team.

Integrity – We do what is right, not what is easiest. We are true to ourselves and others. We are transparent, honest, and consistent. We take pride in our work and act with professionalism.

Commitment – We are passionate about solving complex business problems and helping to shape the next generation of financial services. We are intensely focused on serving our clients and helping them achieve their business objectives. We do what we say we are going to do: we create value.

Excellence – We challenge ourselves to execute flawlessly and to consistently deliver the highest quality of service to our clients. We seek the best talent and promote personal and professional development. We aim to always exceed our financial goals and the expectations of our clients, our colleagues and our shareholders.

Knowledge – We are thinkers with a point of view, anticipating market trends and translating them into opportunities and progress for our clients and ourselves. We are also financial services thought-leaders, sharing our insights and intelligence and helping to shape the future of finance.

About Us

Myforexeye is a One-Stop shop solution for Foreign Exchange Product and Services. The name denotes, a team of professionals keeping an eye on all foreign exchange transaction needs of individuals & corporates. Myforexeye launched Transaction Process Outsourcing (TPO) services for Small & Mid-size corporates in May 2014 when the company began commercial operations. Today, MFE handles foreign exchange transaction of 300+ clients processing transactions worth $75 million per month for 13 locations in India.

The company quickly built niche verticals – Transaction Process Outsourcing (TPO), Market Risk Advisory, Retail Forex, Trade Finance, Foreign Exchange Broking, Training & Development, Recruitment services – to cater to needs of individual & corporate clients. We attracted best-in-class talent for the management team from multiple banks and corporates to head each of these verticals. In the inception year (2014-15), we are  focused to build differentiated products and services. In 2015-16,  the start-up is focussing to introduce seamless technologies to service its clients.

The entire is dedicated towards exploring every opportunity to achieve cost savings and add value for clients. We do this by operating with the highest ethical standards and delivering expertise in Foreign Exchange Markets.

We approach every deal as a partnership between  MFE and the client to look for repeat business and referrals based on results, dedication, professionalism and business acumen.

Why Myforexeye ?

We offer very basic and elementary solutions around the way foreign exchange is transacted. We will build simple yet robust technology to provide platforms to our clients to transact transparently and seamlessly.

  • Our Strength is our Product
  • Our Solution is our Innovation
  • Our Service will be Paramount
  • Our Success is in your Success, and vice versa



10th March 2014 –

The CEO moves into corporate office at Noida donning the hat of – HR, Administration, Mentor, Accounts & Finance, Training & Development

2nd April 2014 –

Commences training of newly recruited staff

2nd May 2014 –

Start Sales and Marketing of TPO service in Delhi NCR with 7 member sales team

1st July 2014 –

Opens its Sales branches at Gurgaon and Kolkata

1st Sep 2014 –

Nitesh Sharma – Head Client Servicing joins Myforexeye from ING Vysya Bank. Myforexeye starts Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Coimbatore branches in South India

30th Sep 2014 –

On board 50th TPO client and crossed transaction volume of $ 16 million

1st Nov 2014 –

Arjun Mylsamy joins as Head – South from Axis Bank

1st April 2015 –

Myforexeye start operations at Mumbai

1st July 2015 –

Ritesh Victor joins as Head – Market Risk Advisory from Trident Group

15th July 2015 -

Myforexeye launches e-commerce portal offering Online Full-Fledged Money Changing business

Management Team

Anand Tandon

Chief Executive Officer


Anand has spent over 13 years in Global Markets working as an advisor, consultant in Global Markets Group in Private Sector Banks. In his last assignment Anand was designated as Senior Vice President – Client Risk Solutions at IndusInd Bank.

Anand has successfully led teams in large organizations throughout the country. His varied experience will enable clients of Myforexeye to reduce cost of transactions, mitigating ‘market’ risks and undertake appropriate hedges.

Anand has dealt with over 2000 clients in all the client segments in the last 13 years. Anand Tandon has expertise in global and domestic markets covering both fundamental and technical analysis. On the product side, he has led a team of dealers and consultants to offer derivatives including Options, Swaps and Trade Finance.

Ritesh Victor

Head – Forex Risk Advisory and Skills Development


Ritesh has more than 15 years of collective experience in forex, equity and interest rate markets. Ritesh has wide-ranging experience as a forex risk management consultant, a technical analyst, a research manager and as the Head of forex and treasury. In his last assignment, Ritesh was the Chief Treasury Officer at Trident Group (a $1 bn enterprise and one of the world’s largest terry towel manufacturers/exporters). He was responsible for the entire group’s forex risk management.

Ritesh is an avid student of technical analysis, he has authored numerous technical reports, training modules and presentations. He has also worked extensively on back testing, asset allocation and optimization of technical indicators.

Ritesh is an MBA – Finance from Indian Institute of Finance, Delhi and holds a Bachelor of Commerce from St. Xaviers College, Kolkata.

Preetam Sharma

Head – Online FFMC


Preetam is again a banker with an experience of 12+ years in Full Fledged Money Changing business. He has been associated with Thomas Cook, LKP Forex and ING Vysya Bank Limited.

Preetam will spearhead the online FFMC initiative at

Ananth Sheel

Head - Marketing & Process Management


Ananth in his current role is providing experience and expertise to help Myforexeye improve footprint in the fields of Digital Marketing, Sales Consulting, COE Consulting, Delivery Consulting, Content Management, Campaign Management,Funnel Building and Lead Generation.

Ananth Sheel’s journey through the IT industry that started more than two decades ago has been eventful to say the least. He has been on the inside of a diverse range of domains including Life Science & HealthCare, Pharmaceutical, Banking & Finance, and Manufacturing. An expert at the Client Services role, he has managed several strategic and critical programs. He has been heading Sales and Marketing for over ten years now. Prior to his stint in HealthCare Sales in India and APAC, Ananth has handled accounts in the US as large as US$ 120+ million.

Ananth brings to the table his depth of experience, having worked with various Fortune 500 organizations including Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Citigroup, General Motors, GE Consumer Finance and GE Commercial Finance, etc.

Ayush Aggarwal

Chief Information Officer


Ayush has 24 years of experience in Information Technology and has a vast experience in IT Operations, Innovation, Architecture, Projects, Infrastructure, Data Center Management, Audits etc. It includes 7 years of experience in Mobile Application development and implementation across the country. In his last assignment at Bharti he was heading IT Innovation & Operations and was responsible for Business Process Automation. In his role he not only automated several process related to Operations, HR, Finance, SCM, Technical, IT etc but also implemented them on Pan India basis which has enabled more than 5000 users. Ayush has worked with large Indian and Multinational organizations such as Oxford University Press, New Horizons India Limited, Bharti Airtel Limited & Bharti Infratel Limited etc. .

Myforexeye Philosophy


We believe Integrity is either 0 or 1. We never compromise on integrity.


Our Product and Processes are designed in such a way that clients are ensured utmost transparency.


Our innovative approach towards problem solving will create unmatched efficiency and effectiveness. We believe integration of Technology with our product offerings will help us ensure clients delight.


We ensure that our partnership last long – and in most cases ensure we develop ‘Trust’, ‘Mutual Respect’, ‘Shared Vision and Values’ and ‘Honest and Open Communication’ with our stakeholders.


Client's Testimonials


This is a very Innovative and Helpful service for all the Exporters /Importers in such a Volatile Market offered by .I am using the services for past couple of months where am highly Benefited and Satisfied .

Mr Salim Siddique
AWK Steelwares pvt ltd

Your company is providing excellent services in foreign exchange dealing at a very competitive price.

R K Rastogi
A S Shoes Accessories Pvt Ltd.

For DeCon India Myforexeye is like dream come true. We were just looking for cost reduction in terms foreign inward/outward remittances and Myforexeye pitched in.We are satisfied with theservices offered by them.We are also taking benefit of their advisory services in terms of longterm forward booking, inter company payables/receivables etc.The response time is too less and really appreciate for that.

"My best wishes for their future add ons and ventures"

Prashant Acharya
Decon Group

It's  been a pleasure being associated with Myforexeye.  My Forex remittances are being done at the best rates due to their transaction process outsourcing services and their trade finance services are also remarkable. The buyers credit rates are really competitive.

"Associating with Myforexeye has helped us reduce are forex costs"

Agarwal Chemicals

Initially we faced stiff resistance from our bankers but  Myforexeye team stood by us and made us believe the importance of transparency in forex market. Now through their association, at a corporate level we have been able to reduce our transactional cost from 0.2-0.5% on each deal.

"It's a value proposition to get associated with them"

Krishan Gupta
Shree Bankey Behari lal Board Mills

We have been dealing with Myforexeye for the past 6-8 months and have used their services for Treasury Advise and FX transaction processing. In the Transaction processing they have been able to add significant value by sharing the exact Spot rates and precise Forward premiums, which has helped us to derive more value for our organization.
On the FX advisory , Nitesh has a pretty good sense of the market and his view on movement of the currency is quite accurate which helps us to time the Market on upticks.

"Overall My Forexeye has added value to our Treasury operations"

Manish Kapoor
Hughes Systique

Risk Management services from Myforexeye are based on in-depth analysis of various economic and financial parameters of the global and Indian market. Hence the quality of their judgement and assessment on market is extremely good.

"It's a pleasure to be associated with them".

Operations head
JRG Group

"We found your services are beneficial for our organization and operations are also smooth"

Edwards India

"We are happy with your service. We save our money from your valuable guidance"

Sandip Patil
Frontline Electronics

"Thank you for your service which is really very helpful to save my money"

Hemangi Kale
Quantumid Technologies

Dealing with Myforexeye has been a great experience. Their service is always prompt, professional, and 100% reliable. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for stress free and reliable forex transactions.

"We are so glad that we chose to go with them"

AST Pipe

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that we are associated with Myforexeye on day today's transaction of our Import Bills. The transactions and the deals turns out to be on automated modes with the help of Myforexeye. We also accolade Myforexeye on the complete assistance provided by them on facilities like Buyers Credit and fixation on the price of Dollar. With the help of the services provided by Myforexeye we are enable to save a lot of money on transactions and rates which were completely handled and monitored by our bankers earlier; and after involving Myforexeye all the system is falling on place with there experience and guidance relating to in depth analysis of the market and future pricing on currency and market stats.

"We are happy and satisfied customer of Myforexeye"

Grape Marketing

I highly recommend the service and support provided by the team of I have found them reliable, professional and extremely personable, not to mention, they provide the most efficient and cost effective option I am aware off. I am a regular but relatively low value user and they treat me as though you are a high end client, explaining things in detail and helping you understand everything that is happening. Their knowledge is up-to-date and very user friendly.

Mohammad Yusuf
EMD Group

We, MNR Exports, Coimbatore, exporters of Granite products and deal with IOB, Coimbatore Branch.  Before starting the services with My Froexeye, we didn't know about the currency exchange rates dealed with the bank. But presently we do all forex dealing with Myforexeye and we know the exact rates, Cash margin, bank margin etc.  It is very good service from Myforexeye and follow with our company.

"We like very much about their services and I want to continue their service in long term".

MNR Exports, Coimbatore

"I feel it’s a good initiative which would help SME’s for their foreign transactions. I believe it’s a new concept & hope would become quite popular in a short time".



I'm extremely satisfied with your rates and services and happy with your staff's prompt and courteous handling. Keep it up like this guys.Special thanks to executives who helped me during my forex transaction.

"Looking forward to take your services again in future as well"


I have only recently started travelling abroad for my business and work on a tight budget. I had a tough time checking on exchange rates with my travel agent, bank and a couple of currency exchange agents. Then I checked upon on the internet and thought of trying their site. It was so easy and transparent. Their efficient service saved me from a lot of stress. They even home delivered my order.

"Thank you Myforexeye!"


Buying foreign currency with Myforexeye, there’s one thing I’m sure of….that I can’t go back to doing it any other way or any other place. No one can match the kind of convenience they offer, not to forget their live rates that are far better than what banks and other forex agents offer.

"They are the best online foreign exchange service. Highly recommend"


Ashish Upadhyay

We appreciate your good service being provided to us for a year now. We hope that you will continue to provide the same kind of service for the forth coming years too.

"We thank you for enabling us to save certain amount during one year period"

Raghupathi N M
Pradeep Deviah & Associates Pvt Ltd